Anticipation Builds for First Look at “Last Jedi” Deleted Scenes as Blu-Ray Release Nears

Love it or hate it, Disney-Lucasfilm’s Episode VIII for Star Wars, the much-battered The Last Jedi, is coming to Blu-Ray this March. And with its impending release coming ever closer, fans of the Star Wars franchise on both sides of the opinion divide are looking forward to seeing things in the home version that couldn’t be found in the cinematic premiere.

Yes, as expected from home releases of films in this day and age, there’s going to be quite a lot of deleted scenes in The Last Jedi for fans to pore over. That fact was already known as early as the announcement for the novelization of the film.

Director Rian Johnson shared this revelation during his guest spot at the online Star Wars Show. All told, the complete running time of all deleted scenes for The Last Jedi put together would last 20 minutes long. Imagine all the cut footage that would be seen in those “What could have been?” scenes.

“We talked through some interesting additional scenes from the film,” Johnson says, regarding the discussion he’s had with writer Jason Fry, who is authoring the Last Jedi novel version. “That’s kind of some of the fun stuff you can get into a novel that you can’t always get onto the screen.”

The Star Wars Show also features one of those cut scenes, involving Rey (Daisy Ridley) violently reacting through the Force at Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) after he tricks her during his reluctant training of her. It’s probably not going to change opinions by certain people about The Last Jedi anymore, but it’s always a nice bonus. The movie’s Blu-Ray will hit store on March 6.

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