Google Lists Rumored Runtime for “Solo: A Star Wars Story” While Still No Trailers Appear

Star Wars fans that have been either wowed or annoyed by The Last Jedi last December, probably have one thing in common that’s been driving them stir-crazy for quite some time now. The spinoff Solo: A Star Wars Story is months away, but there’s been no trailer or image released.

The sheer lack of any preview visual or image for this anticipated movie about the early days of Han Solo is perplexing to franchise followers. Some lucky movie people have had the privilege of seeing a sneak peek that they claim to be good, but the main fan-base isn’t lucky.

Now more information about Solo that is NOT a teaser or character photo has come out. Google has just updated its information on the movie with a runtime. According to them, the latest Star Wars Story is almost two and-a-half hours long, about the average for a Star Wars film.

To be precise, if this runtime listing by Google is correct, Solo would be longer than its predecessor spinoff Rogue One, but shorter than The Last Jedi. One argument for the 2.5-hour estimate to be inaccurate is news that director Ron Howard is still doing pickup shots in previous weeks.

Reasons for the complete information blackout by Lucasfilm – and assuredly Disney – on the particulars for Solo might stem from the movie’s slightly troubled production, with original directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord being replaced by Howard before principal photography ended. The main work on the film wrapped only in November.

Whether this is a marketing strategy by Disney, either as an unorthodox hype-builder or a contingency plan in case the movie tanked following the polarization caused by The Last Jedi, nobody knows. All that remained constant has been the premiere date. Solo’s still for May 25, trailer or no trailer. Alden Ehrenreich is the young Han Solo, while Donald Glover play Lando Calrissian and Emilia Clarke portrays Kira.

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