Mid-Season 4 Trailer for “Star Wars Rebels” Premieres Close to Last 6 Air-Weeks On Disney XD

The beginning of the end has come in the adventures of the Rebel Alliance unit based on the spaceship Ghost, as the last six episodes of Star Wars Rebels premiere next month on Disney XD. And in similar fashion to the earlier parts of season 4, they come in batches.

It all begins on February 19, when Rebels season 4 episodes 10 – “Jedi Night” and 11 – “DUME” hit Disney XD at 9 PM ET. We reported nearly two weeks ago that this duo of episodes has been strongly hinted to have one major character die, most likely Kanan Jarrus.

To really amp up the hype for the last hurrah of Star Wars Rebels, Lucasfilm Animation and Disney have released an awesome midseason trailer. Aside from recapping key past events involving Kanan, it also teases what will happen in the end stretch. But a guest voice-acting debut role steals the show.

Endgame for Rebels features the first appearance in-series of the evil Emperor Palpatine. Even better, he’s voiced by his primary actor Ian McDiarmid who played him in Return of the Jedi, Empire Strikes Back (special edition) and all films of the Prequel trilogy. I guess it’s better late than never.

Palpatine’s brief scene snippet in the trailer is pretty interesting too, with him calling out Rebels main viewpoint character Ezra Bridger and declaring him “his” at last. Such a pronouncement is foreboding due to the fact that, while Hera Syndulla has appeared post-Return, Ezra (and Kanan, naturally) have not reappeared.

Star Wars Rebels stars the voice talents of Taylor Gray (Ezra), Freddie Prinze Jr. (Kanan) and Vanessa Marshall (Hera) among many others. Following the two-episode weekly premieres, the series finale, three episodes adding to 90 minutes long, will hit Disney XD on March 5. It’s going to be huge then.

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