New “Black Panther” Trailer Shows Feature on Wakanda, and Korean International Teaser

We’ve talked a lot about Avengers: Infinity War these past days, so let’s change topic to the other MCU film coming out earlier in 2018, next month in fact. Black Panther is eagerly awaited by many, and is part of a rising trend of African-American superheroes in film and TV.

With February coming ever so closer, the trailers, previews and special features being put out by Marvel Studios to hype Black Panther grow even more. The latest snippet to release online is a primer on Wakanda, the secretive African homeland of T’Challa, and what all BP newbies need to know.

Disney’s Movie Surfers goes about the extensive sets of Black Panther, talking to two of the primary cast: Letitia Wright as Shuri and Chadwick Boseman as T’Challa, Black Panther himself. While a bit obliged by the studio not to spoil too much, they do manage to spill some in-universe trivia.

For MCU fans that haven’t been comic book savvy, Wakanda is an African nation in the continent’s interior, an absolute monarchy and very isolated from the world. But while outwardly appearing as a third-world state, it’s actually a highly advanced utopia with tech powered by the alien mineral called vibranium.

As a line of dialogue from a film scene added to the feature says: “[Vibranium] powers [Wakanda’s] cities, it powers their tech; they sew it into their clothes.” The power potential of vibranium has spurred Wakandans to keep its secrets to themselves; but as the trailers show, that will change.

Also included in the feature is an international teaser for Korea (scenes from trailers indicate parts of Black Panther happen in Busan). In it, Boseman and Wright discuss the nickname Koreans have given the Black Panther character: “Busan Panther.” Hilarity ensues when Letitia feels left out without her own nickname.

Black Panther premieres February 16.

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