Anonymous Former Disney World Staffer Shares Facts of Working Life as “Cast Member”

One of the frequently-used taglines for a Disney theme park is that it – wherever “it” may happen to be in the US, Asia, or Europe – is without a doubt the “Happiest Place on Earth.” And this is helped greatly by their loads and loads of staff and “cast members” present.

The terminology “cast member” is significant because in the world of Disney, a theme park is a stage entirely, and everybody inside who isn’t a guest have roles with an accompanying script. This and many such facts were shared anonymously on by a former cast member from Disney World.

Said former cast member listed up about 32 things about his epic work environment, about some of the fun stuff and benefits, along with duties and responsibilities that fall to a Disney theme park cast member. We can’t exactly go over them all, but we’ll list up the interesting ones.

Now obviously, priority one is making sure the guests are happy, which cast members do by actively addressing them by name (learned by checking one’s room key, credit card or worn nametag). Celebrity guests are never acknowledged or fawned over (kiss the job goodbye if you asked for a selfie).

All cast members must be able to answer questions and never say “I don’t know”; and if a question is plainly “silly” then they must also give a silly reply. When showing directions to guests, cast members point with two fingers, never just the pointer finger because it’s considered rude.

For work conditions, Disney cast members find that costume/clothing sizes are two times smaller than contemporary clothes sizing standards. While their core salary is par for mundane retail/food service work, the fringe perks are massive: cast-exclusive merchandise sales, in-park purchase delivery, and appearing on TV shows like “Good Morning America.”

Some not-so-vital park “secrets” were also shared by the anonymous writer, such as the Hollywood Studios Mickey Mouse doubling as a lightning rod, and the usage of bicycles backstage to help cast members travel unseen. Oh, and Walt Disney used assumed names to buy land to build Disney World on.

It’s perhaps understandable that this former cast member gave no names when he wrote up his little sneak-peek into life within Disney World’s walls for PopSugar, what possible non-disclosure and sticky regulations like that. Other news services that featured this article have asked Disney for comment. They’ve yet to reply.

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