“Solo” May 25 Premiere Remains Firm Despite Lack of Trailers or Teasers Hinting at Later Release

It’s been said that as of Lucasfilm and the Star Wars franchise finally falling under Disney, one can expect that a new film in the series would premiere in December, during the Holiday Season. It held true for The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi and even the Rogue One spinoff.

That’s three straight years of a Star Wars movie for Christmas, but 2018 looks to be changing things up. Coming up next from Lucasfilm is another Star Wars Story spinoff in the vein of Rogue One. This is Solo, a prequel detailing the early adventures of a young Han Solo.

Rather than yet another December premiere, Solo is set to arrive in cinemas this coming May. Interestingly, May was the original Star Wars release date back when Lucasfilm was working with 20th Century Fox. That studio has two non-MCU Marvel films premiering before and after Solo, but have changed schedule.

First, The New Mutants that was supposed to release a month before Solo is now a February 2019 premiere, while the other, Deadpool 2, is shifting to open a week before the latest Star Wars installment after being originally scheduled for a week after. Solo however, remains in its place.

This could be a matter of concern, seeing as it’s less than five months away before premiere and we’ve had yet no teaser, much less trailer, of Solo that’s supposed to come out in May. The film has had some directorial trouble, with its original tandem at the helm fired.

Chris Miller and Phil Lord were let go from the project when they were only 85% finished filming. Their replacement, Ron Howard, appears to have lengthened the photography period, fueling concerns that the May release date be moved for later. But even without tangible previews, the premiere schedule remains firm.

While many fans may be worrying over the lack of any new stuff to hype up the coming of Solo, its stubborn May 25 premiere date may be at the insistence of Disney to avoid movie collisions. After all, their sequel film Mary Poppins Returns is set for December itself.

This surprise continuation from the 1964 musical classic starring Julie Andrews – whose role is being taken up by Emily Blunt – does come across as a better film to celebrate the Holidays with, than following the exploits of a galactic smuggler and future Rebel hero. Seen that way, it makes sense.

And while it’s frustrating not to see anything to give us an idea of what Solo will be like, for now we should trust Disney to carry the day. Someday before May, we hope to see Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover as Han and Lando Calrissian on the first trailers.

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