Campaign on GoFundMe Hopes to Get Children Harlem Tickets to Watch “Black Panther”

Black Panther, as past articles prove so ably, is on every MCU fan’s brain right now, with every week elapsing before its great February premiere. The greatest buzz of interest of course belongs to the African-American community, many of them looking forward to seeing the adventures of a “black superhero.”

The sheer importance to this community to be able to see the Marvel Studios film, starring Chadwick Boseman and a slate of prominent African-American actors and actresses, is so utterly important that Frederick Joseph of New York has opened up a campaign on GoFundMe, which he called “Wakanda Forever!

Said campaign endeavors to fund as many tickets for Black Panther’s premiere as to allow children of color living in Harlem will be able to go and watch this latest installment of the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe in cinemas. “Wakanda Forever!” takes its name from a line mention in the trailers.

The 29-year-old Joseph says the idea formed from his wanting to do something for the color community of Harlem, especially the children. “I said to myself, how can I get as many children as possible to see this film and see themselves as a superhero or a king or queen?”

“Wakanda Forever!” on GoFundMe had a rather modest goal of making $10,000. Ten days after the campaign started, it has accumulated three times that amount. Of the over 700 people who have contributed, some include director J.J. Abrams and even former Presidential daughter Hillary Clinton.

The funding will go into two expenditures, as many tickets to Black Panther as can be bought, along with in-movie snacks for both the lucky children and their volunteer chaperones. Whatever’s left after the film showing will be donated by Joseph in turn to the Boys and Girls Club, a charitable organization based in Harlem.

“Representation and inclusion are legitimately essential pillars to creating dreams for yourself,” remarks Joseph. “The children are the future. It starts with them. We’re just vessels trying to make a change.” He’s also partnered with GoFundMe to encourage the opening of similar campaigns to benefit other communities in the country.

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