Upcoming Episode Titles of “Star Wars Rebels” S4 Hint at Possible Main Cast Casualty

For those who haven’t gotten the memo yet, the Disney XD 3D animated series Star Wars Rebels is set to resume its fourth season by next month, February. And from there, it’s all the way to the season finale and series finale, ending the show after 4 seasons of broadcast.

With the story of Rebels set to terminate, bets have started among viewers on what’ll be the fates of the characters by the last scene of the finale. Already the Rebel team leader Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall) seems safe, but the rest of her crew, it’s up in the air.

While web series Forces of Destiny (which also has a comic series on IDW) would have it that Hera would be at the after-party on Endor post-Return of the Jedi, no peep has been heard about what her crew got to until at least before the first Star Wars film.

Some episode titles and blurbs for the latter half of Rebels season 4 appear to spoil the fate of at least one member of the Ghost crew. Episode 10: “Jedi Night” involves the heroes pulling a rescue mission to save a captive teammate: Hera, caught in the 2017 midseason finale.

Episode 11: “Dume” however, notes the the Ghost team are reeling from a “devastating loss,” insinuating that one of their number doesn’t survive “Jedi Night.” The most likely character to get killed in fan theory is the blind Jedi Padawan Kanan, who’s also in a relationship of sorts with Hera.

In case nobody got the reference, the birth name of Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is Caleb Dume, the Episode 11 title. It’ll indeed be a heavy loss, but signs point to Kanan’s potential sendoff being most likely one of the most epic and talked-about series episodes before the ending.

Star Wars Rebels season 4 resumes February 24, with “Jedi Night” airing 9 PM / 8 Central on Disney XD.

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