Door of Monorail at Disney World Dangerously Opens Up While in Transit

When it comes to monorail electrically-driven train systems, perhaps one of the most familiar-looking of these stateside-wise would be the Monorail system that operates in Walt Disney World. Said system is a long-runner, first opened back in the 1950s, and is arguably the third most-heavily used monorail in the world.

Then again, highly-frequent passenger use means the monorail trains used on the Disney system get subjected to rather fast wear and tear. And it can result in some potentially dangerous situations like one captured by a passenger a few days ago, which showed an automated door that failed to shut.

Instagram user abbieprimeknits got an uncomfortably close look – and videos – of the wide-open automatic door on Disney Monorail Red, at that moment travelling from the Transportation and Ticketing Center (TTC) to Epcot. Also caught in the shot is a fellow passenger in Mickey-Mouse headband sitting close to the open doorway.

From the look of that passenger inside the monorail at that moment, travelling at a goodly speed with an open door, it was definitely not safe. A second Instagram vid by abbieprimeknits shows Monorail Red, defective door and all finally pull into Epcot station, passengers chuckling at the safety message.

Whatever went wrong with the Disney monorail that fateful day, it must’ve gone beyond an automatic door that failed to close. Said doors according to Disney Blog are supposed to have sensors that would signal the driver when they don’t shut, and prevent the monorail from departing until it’s fixed.

In the comments section of her Instagram posts, abbieprimeknits mentioned that maintenance was alerted to the door before Monorail Red left the TTC. The technicians forced it to lock, but shortly after departure the door unlocked and opened on its own, remaining that way until the end of the trip.

In a postscript comment, it was stated that maintenance at Epcot went to work on the faulty door upon the monorail’s arrival. In addition, the WDW News Today blog noted that by January 8 all Disney Monorail doors have had a sign reminding passengers “Do Not Lean” towards the doorways.

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