Disney-Pixar’s “Coco” Leads to Economic Boom in Mexican Guitar-Making Town

It’s been well over a month since our last significant article on Disney-Pixar’s latest film Coco, which premiered late the past year. We already know that it’s been a big hit in Mexico where the story takes place, but here’s a new positive development in that country thanks to Coco.

As those who have watched the film may recall, one prominent musical instrument used during the musical numbers in Coco is the ubiquitous classical guitar. To the credit of Disney and Pixar doing their research, their animation teams based the movie’s guitars on actual instruments from a small Mexican town.

Said town, Paracho in Michoacán state, felt a great deal of pride in having 3D CGI representations of guitars made by their local craftsmen being featured prominently in Coco. Even better, once fans learned of Paracho, town visitors have been buying their guitars even faster than they could be made.

Poster for the movie "Coco"
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In response to this upsurge of popular demand, guitar-makers in Paracho, which has its own National Guitar Festival, have begun churning out guitars evoking designs from Coco. Most prominent of all is the white guitar with the Dia los Muertos skull motif that is a central prop in the film.

Buyers of Maracho’s guitars not only come from within Mexico but overseas, with preorders from some surprising corners of the world spurring the town’s industry to ramp up production to meet the demand. Their instrument-makers have already been shipping their guitars to an international market thanks to the Disney-Pixar movie.

Coco, which hit Mexico in October 2017, became the highest-grossing film in the country by the time it premiered in the US a month later. Even China’s movie market was highly impressed by it, leading to a global box office earning of $589 million, plus Annie and Golden Globe nominations.

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