Chris Hemsworth Open to More Film Portrayals of Thor Even After Completing MCU Contract with “Avengers 4”

One of the elements of suspense being hyped up Avengers: Infinity War’s directors, producer, and several of its humongous cast, is the threat level of its main antagonist Thanos (Josh Brolin). More than once they’ve hinted at the grim possibility that some of the Avengers might not survive encountering him.

Interestingly, one star of the Marvel Cinematic Universe who’s not so quick to write himself off the franchise is Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor the God of Thunder. Despite playing the role for seven years and just as many films, he feels he’s not yet ready to “retire” yet.

During an interview regarding his other upcoming movie 12 Strong, Hemsworth spoke of also having finished filming all this scenes for 2019’s Avengers 4, the story sequel to Infinity War which premieres this May. Said installment is the last MCU film in his contract, but he’s interested in more Thor.

In his words, while at first he was going to complete his contracted Marvel movies and move on to other things, Hemsworth feels reinvigorated in portraying the boisterous Asgardian hero after filming Thor: Ragnarok and the two Avengers films in near-quick succession. In his words, these films “reinvented” his character.

Despite the potentially story-changing ramifications of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s impending clash with Thanos and his reality-warping power, the actor has been thinking of the possibility for more adventures with Thor afterwards. “If I had the opportunity to do it again, I think I’d love to,” he remarked about it.

“There’s a far greater range of possibilities of where {Thor} can go now,” Hemsworth adds, “What he can do, just because we’ve kind of broken the mold a bit.” The end of Ragnarok has Thor no longer needing Mjolnir to control thunder, though it apparently returns in the Avengers films.

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War is coming May 4, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe is starting its 2018 schedule earlier, with Black Panther’s premiere this February 16. There’s no info yet as to whether the battle with Thanos only happens in Infinity War or will carry over to Avengers 4.

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