More Details on Disney Star Wars Expansion Area Found in Complimentary Collectible Trading Cards

In an earlier article we talked about the release of new information regarding Galaxy’s Edge, the proposed expansion theme area for Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, based on the Star Wars media franchise. All this was revealed during Galactic Nights, a gala event by Walt Disney Imagineering last December 16.

On that occasion, guests who were present at Hollywood Studios were each gifted a complimentary pack of four trading cards containing information pertaining to the Galaxy’s Edge attraction. Only now has it become common knowledge that some of the trading card contents are additional spoilers to expect with the expansion.

For starters, one featured card from the Galaxy Nights event shows R3X, a droid pilot who was the central character of the original 1987 Star Tours ride. The current Star Tours have the prop droid as a display piece, but Galaxy’s Edge seems set on repurposing him as a DJ.

Much has been mentioned about the Millennium Falcon ride in the Galaxy’s Edge expansion, but there’s one other attraction ride mentioned but not elaborated. A second trading card hints that it may be another ride depicting a rescue that “didn’t go as planned” during a Resistance vs. First Order battle.

But one larger mystery opened up by the Galactic Nights cards is harder still to explain, due to it being a poem written in alien Aurebesh language, separated across multiple cards by line. The poem refers to odd locations and rock formations called Black Spires, but nothing else is explained.

The Galaxy’s Edge theme area is set in the Star Wars galaxy on a planet called Batuu. Stylistically patterned after traditional marketplaces in Morocco, Batuu appears to be an out-of-the-way space trading hub with secrets hidden under the surface. All guests to Galaxy’s Edge are “heroes” living out their very own Star Wars story and adventures according to Disney Imagineering.

Other trading cards revealed stuff like “blue milk” beverages, a ride through a river canyon, and even an encounter between guests and the malevolent ill-tempered Kylo Ren. All these serve only to hype Disney World guests more for the grand opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, set for some time in the year 2019. The galaxy far, far away has never quite felt this close.

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