“Marvel Create Your Own” Allows Fans to Create (Kid-Friendly, Non-Violent) Comic Book Stories Online

Before 2017 turned to 2018, Marvel Entertainment announced a new online digital platform that, in theory, would gift fans of Marvel Comics with one of their wildest dreams come true: to create comic stories with their favorite characters rather easily. This was the main draw of Marvel Create Your Own.

The digital platform had its website on Taptapcomics.com debut with a nifty video explaining the things one can do with the various features. They would offer users a library of Marvel character CG models to pose to one’s content. Backgrounds, text boxes and speech balloons are also available for editing.

It all sounds awesome, but for the fine print. See, Marvel Create Your Own has an exhaustive list of restrictions for users of the platform who want to make their own comic-book-length stories. A quick once-over of the no-no’s reveals a significant bias with regards to Marvel’s parent company Disney.

First off, the Create Your Own web service is available for signup only to users “physically” present in the US, Canada, Australia and Singapore. Obscenities are prohibited in the story and dialogue, not even wingding symbols.  Clearly, any creation on the platform must be “family-friendly” to pass inspection and publication.

That’s not all. Suggestive clothing like that which bares midriffs, mention of deadly weapons, death and more adult-oriented topics are not allowed. Finally, the only pop media references that will pass muster in the text are all Disney-related. Oh, and for now no X-Men related characters are in the selection.

Needless to say, while some Marvel fans have expressed interest in trying the Create Your Own platform once it officially launches, many others have been immediately turned off by the restrictions and dumbed-down story subjects. Like critics of The Last Jedi, these “higher-level” fans took to social media to vent.

Still, if you’re an aspiring comic-book story-boarder willing to do child-oriented content, Marvel Create Your Own would be a fun way to stretch the creative muscles. User registration is already going on at their Taptapcomics website, though there’s no launch date yet. Marvel also hasn’t responded to the restriction outcry.

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