Over-Capacity Christmas Crowd Leads to Brief Closure of The Magic Kingdom in Disney World

We’ve covered several recent and upcoming developments happening over at Walt Disney World over the past few weeks. This bit of news however, is more in line with a general news item concerning a particular event of note. It should’ve been obvious that the theme parks in the resort complex would be crowded on Christmas, but this one’s just extreme.

Just this Monday, Christmas Day December 25, the sheer amount of guests pouring into The Magic Kingdom, heart of the Disney World resort area, led to park officials taking drastic measures by closing the gates to further entry. They were over-capacity.

In a notice posted on Twitter, Walt Disney World announced The Magic Kingdom’s closure, but also encouraged guests to instead visit the other components of Disney World such as EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. The closure affected Magic Kingdom visitors with only one-day tickets.

Guests with multi-day or multi-park access, annual pass-holders and Disney Resorts guests were free to come and go into The Magic Kingdom, though judging from social media posts by guests already inside, it might have been better not to come on Christmas Day for many.

Disney World’s Twitter advisory had estimated the reopening of The Magic Kingdom by 5:30 in the afternoon of December 25, but by 1:20 PM it was as open as the other resorts in Walt Disney World. The maximum guest capacity of the theme park according to specs was 100,000 people, so the fact that it was temporarily closed really speaks at the massive crowd with the same idea to spend Christmas Day at the same place.

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