IDW “Forces of Destiny” Comic First Issue Reveals Principal “Star Wars Rebels” Character in Planet Hoth Before Events of “Episode V”

Viewers of the 3-D CGI animated series Star Wars Rebels on Disney XD are most likely fans of Hera Syndulla, captain of the spaceship Ghost and anti-Imperial rebel cell leader. Such has been her popularity that she has migrated to other Star Wars media. In 2016’s Rogue One, Hera is mentioned as a General in the Rebel Alliance, and her ship was present in the climactic battle of the film.

Last July saw the release of the 2-D web series Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, featuring vignettes focusing on the prominent female characters of the franchise’s Disney-compliant official timeline as of 2014. These mini-episodes showcased segments of untold Star Wars history as lived in by Padme Amidala, to Princess Leia, to Rey of Jakku. Characters from Rebels were also featured, including Hera, voiced by Vanessa Marshall.

Starting January next year, IDW Comics in collaboration with Disney will be releasing a 5-issue miniseries tying into the Forces of Destiny web animation. The first issue, with Princess Leia as the main character, has pleasantly surprised fans of both the film franchise and the Rebels TV series by having Hera Syndulla appearing in a key location of the original trilogy Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back, but before the events of that film.

A preview of IDW’s Forces of Destiny #1 depicts General Syndulla as having spent time on the ice planet Hoth, helping the Rebel unit led by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia in setting up a new base following the abandonment of Yavin IV. Several panels show Leia, Han and Hera investigating a spaceship wreck on tauntauns.

Storyline-wise, the only other depicted interaction between Rebels‘ Hera and the Original Trilogy characters was in the Forces of Destiny web series. An episode, set after the end of Return of the Jedi, has Han being sent by Leia to Hera to request ration packs to give the Ewoks who had helped them in the Battle of Endor.

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