As “Avengers: Infinity War” Nears, The Creator of Its Bad Guy Leaves Marvel

Pretty soon their will only be five months left before Marvel Studios premieres the third Avengers film in their Cinematic Universe. The subtitled Infinity War is heavily anticipated due to the major role being finally played by its main antagonist Thanos, who was teased only in the first Avengers and the first Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

While the excitement for the big-screen arrival of this cosmic-level super-villain from the original Marvel Comics continues to build, the writer-artist who was one of the original creators for the Thanos character has decided to move on from further work with the company with no probability of return.

Jim Starlin, who co-created Thanos with fellow writer Mike Friedrich back in 1973 for the Iron Man comic books, posted on his Facebook page that the reason for his departure from further work with Marvel was two-fold.

First, he had been stonewalled by Marvel Comics editorial from working on the ongoing Thanos title, or even any movie tie-in comics. Second, while his pitch for a Thanos graphic novel trilogy was turned down, editorial later approved a plot arc in the ongoing that was a close copy of his unwanted storyline.

Worse, according to Starlin the Senior Publishing VP of Marvel Comics, Tom Brevoort, waffled on his explanation for the gaffe and its reasons, initially saying he did not approved the copycat storyline, then stating that there was no similarity at all, and then saying it was all accidental. By which point, the arc on the Thanos on-going comic book was set. That was the final straw for Starlin, which spurred him to “move on” from Marvel.

While he and Marvel Comics editorial had parted ways on a bad note, Starlin does state that the larger Marvel Entertainment company had been kind and respectful, especially the film division. Now he is back on-side for DC Comics, which he had worked for in the past himself. His co-creation Thanos will make his big live-action break on Avengers: Infinity War, premiering on May 2018.

Oh, and Black Panther will hit cinemas earlier, on February. The main character will also return quickly for Infinity War himself; just a heads up.

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