Hall of Presidents in The Magic Kingdom Now Has Animatronic Donald Trump

Walt Disney World in Florida has got so many new things coming up for it in the future, be it a new transport system or an expansion area based on Star Wars. And then there are the old attractions that have been renovated as new, like the Hall of Presidents.

Located in The Magic Kingdom, the Hall of Presidents is an incredible animatronic exhibit hosted in a replica of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall interior. Here models of all US Presidents from Washington to the current incumbent make statements about good old America and its greatest virtues, accompanied by stirring orchestrated anthems.

The exhibit is set to reopen following a renovation to include an animatronic of President Donald Trump, who takes center stage in this new arrangement like all his predecessors in their respective terms. Walt Disney Imagineering has worked closely with the White House, even getting voice recordings of President Trump.

Naysayers who might stand opposite to Trump’s polarizing reputation may be mollified a little by how dignified the animatronic version’s recorded speech comes across. “Above all to be American is to be an optimist,” he says, adding that “the best days of our great nation are still ahead of us.”

The Hall of Presidents first opened in Disney World’s The Magic Kingdom back in 1971, and since Bill Clinton in 1993, every newly-elected US President is added as early as their election year, given a prominent in the center of the exhibition stage, with actual voice recording courtesy of Disney.

Understandably, many Trump critics have played up on the President’s colorful dialogue choices to make a petition pleading for Disney not to record his voice for The Hall of Presidents’ latest renovation to include him. Interestingly, the exhibit should have reopened last June with Trump included, but delayed until now.

With the appeal of animatronic Presidents being worn down by other attractions like from Toy Story and Star Wars, in addition to the Trump model, the Hall was also fitted with upgrades including improved sound and lighting, as well as an HD projection system to accompany each President’s individual presentations.

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