Marvel Animation Announces New “Marvel Rising” Franchise with Shorts and Animated Film

The Marvel experience of today has always been multimedia and multiplatform in nature, especially now that they are under the larger Disney umbrella. Other than the comics, the MCU films, the series on TV and on Netflix, and even books, there are also the various animated series over the years.

While the current crop of Marvel Animation programs – Avengers Assemble, Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man to name a few – continue airing on Disney XD, Marvel itself has decided to open a new front in superhero cartoons by announcing the launch of Marvel Rising, an initiative focusing on newer and younger hero characters in the Marvel Universe.

Marvel Rising is a shining example of the contemporary multiplatform approach that Marvel has with its properties. It would be based around a feature-length animated film, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, for 2018. Said movie will be preceded by six digital 4-minute animated shorts.

Each short will introduce the main characters of Marvel Rising, young heroes like Gwen Stacy whose Spider-Gwen/Spider-Woman identity in the comics is being changed to a new moniker, Ghost Spider. Other characters include Kamala Khan/Miss Marvel, America Chavez, Rayshaun Lucas/Patriot, Daisy Johnson/Quake, Dante Pertuz/Inferno, and Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl.

The animation front of Marvel Rising is overseen by executive producers Cort Lane and Sana Amanat. Some prominent talent from both Disney and Marvel TV are also set to provide voices. Agents of SHIELD cast members involved are Chloe Bennett reprising the role of Daisy/Quake, and Ming-Na Wen (Agent May) as the main antagonist. Dove Cameron (Mal from Disney’s Descendants) will voice Gwen/Ghost Spider. Incidentally, she will also join the Agents of SHIELD cast on ABC for season 5.

Amanat, who is also Marvel’s Director of Content and Character Development, describes Marvel Rising as unlike any animation that Marvel has done, with a new distinct style and full of powerful messages. This assures that the project is separate from the MCU and other Marvel Animation shows.

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