Disney Adds Two More Tech Company Bosses to Board of Directors

With momentous repercussions in store should a deal by Disney to acquire assets from 21st Century Fox is pulled off, it’s understandable that most other news dealing with Disney right now gets to stand in line behind the coverage of the ongoing negotiations. There is still some important stuff though.

For example, word is out that Disney has just named to people to join their board of directors. The announcement was made Thursday, December 7, with the new members to sit on the Disney board effective February 1 of next year. There’s no word yet on their choice of committees.

The two new additions are CEOs from major American tech companies, namely Safra Catz of Oracle Corporation and Francis DeSouza from Illumina. Oracle is deemed to be the second-largest software developer revenue-wise behind only Microsoft, while Illumina’s products and services cater primarily to gene sequencing research centers and biotech companies.

Their inclusion follows a trend on the composition of Disney’s 12-person board of directors. Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter are indicative of that makeup. Perhaps the impending acquisition of the Fox media assets might call for such personages to be in the board as history happens.

In related developments, Disney chairman and CEO Bob Iger has expressed his interest in retaining his position, should the Disney-Fox deal be completed, and through the transition period of assimilating these assets. He has been CEO since 2005 and initially announced his intention to step down by 2019 last October.

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