Olaf’s Frozen Adventure Being Removed from Before Coco Screenings Starting This Friday

It finally happened. After the Disney-Pixar film Coco has dominated for almost two weeks in the box office stateside, the studio announced that its pre-feature short film, Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, will be pulled out of the program towards the end of this week.

Observers note that this might possibly tie into the very hostile reception the 22-minute animation had to audiences who dropped in just to watch Coco and had to wait almost a half-hour to actually see the move they paid tickets for. Add to that the running time of any movie trailers in between showings and there would be an average 40-minute gap before Coco actually started.

So it was that Disney laid down that Olaf’s Frozen Adventure will be pulled out of Coco’s running time beginning on Friday, December 8. The studio had explained that the short inter-quel, the second after 2015’s Frozen Fever that takes place between 2013’s Frozen and the planned 2019 sequel Frozen 2, had always been meant to run on a limited period in cinemas.

Reviews for Disney-Pixar’s Coco have remained especially strong and positive going into its second week. Much praised has been heaped on its accurate and lifelike depiction of Mexican culture, including the Dia de Muertos holiday that is the center of the movie’s narrative.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure on the other hand, despite some supportive reviews of its returning voice talent and song numbers, has been stained in the general perception due to its unwieldy length being put in front of a long-enough film like Coco. It doesn’t help that Disney originally planned it to be a TV special to be aired on ABC. No explanation has ever been given on why it was tacked on to Coco instead.

There is no word on whether the removal of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in the screening program for Coco will also apply to cinema releases outside the US,  Canada, Mexico (removed already) and the UK (where it was paired with a re-release of the first Frozen instead).

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