“Coco” Inspires Latino Viewers to Tell Real-Life Stories with Similarities

As “Coco,” Disney-Pixar’s feature-length masterpiece featuring Mexican culture and the Dia de Muertos holiday in particular, completes its first week in cinemas stateside, we are now aware of several things. First, it’s already considered the most successful film ever in box office history for Mexico, where it got an earlier premiere.

Second, it’s already handily beating Warner-DC’s big superhero team film “Justice League” so badly that it makes heads shake. Third, the placing of what should have been a “Frozen” TV special on ABC as the “short” feature ahead of “Coco” has been met with a lot of audience heat.

And the latest, which is tied to the first, Disney-Pixar’s “Coco,” which sees an aspiring young musician going to the Land of the Dead on Dia de Muertos where he investigates his family’s past history in hopes of realizing his dream, is inspiring Mexican-Americans to share their similar life stories.

The New York Times invited their readers to share their reactions to “Coco” on their official Facebook page, and the responses from the Latino community have been impressive, heartwarming, funny and also tear-jerking like the movie itself.

Many respondents pointed out how the eclectic characters were uncanny dead ringers for so many of their family members and relatives, both living and deceased. They also praised the complete lack of stereotyping in the telling of the central family’s life stories, their daily routines, habits and personalities. The common thread seemingly out of the keyboards of the respondents was that “Coco” was the story of their lives.

There’s no denying that “Coco” is a cinematic juggernaut on the rise. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes has its rating for the film pegged at 96%. On its first weekend the animated movie made $49 million from the box office compared to “Justice League” and its second weekend earning of $40.7 million. One of the featured songs, “Remember Me/Recuerdame,” is becoming an ear-worm song with award aspirations. In fact “Coco” itself looks set for the Oscars, as it has already won four accolades including the National Board of Review’s Best Animated Film.

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