Here’s a First Look at Funko’s Exclusive Wave 3 The Force Awakens Pop! Figures

9618_StarWars_ReyLightsaber_GLAM_HiRes has recently pulled the veil on what has been dubbed as Wave 3 of the latest vinyl renditions of our favorite characters straight from Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens, and this time, it is an adorable ‘awakening’ with these stylized collectibles of Funko Pop! figures. We saw their artist concepts last February when Funko released their 2016 Catalog at the New York Toy Fair, and this time we finally get to see them in all their good, vinyl glory.

Here’s what has to say about these insanely cool bubble heads, which will make their way on your desks and shelves starting July.

The battle between the Resistance and the First Order continues — stylized, collectible, and cool.

In honor of May the 4th, is excited to reveal the next wave of Funko’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens Pop! figures. Coming in July and made in Pop!’s already-classic design aesthetic, the lineup includes everyone from Luke Skywalker to maskless Kylo Ren to Rey (with lightsaber!). In addition, several retailer exclusives are coming, featuring special depictions and variations of characters. Look for Rey with X-wing helmet, Poe Dameron with jacket and blaster, and much more. Finally, you can recreate Rey’s fateful meeting with Luke right on your desk.

Get a first look at the entire line below! already listed them for pre-order with a 15% discount when you enter the code MAYTHEFORCE upon checkout. This is one cool deal that you’ll not find anywhere else. Our favorite of the wave is Maz Kanata.

9610_StarWars_GeneralLeia_GLAM_HiRes 9611_StarWars_LukeSkywalker_GLAM_HiRes-1536x864-369675432844 9614_StarWars_SnapWexley_GLAM_HiRes 9615_StarWars_PrototypeDroid_GLAM_HiRes 9616_StarWars_GeneralHux_GLAM_HiRes 9617_StarWars_Guavian_GLAM_HiRes 9618_StarWars_ReyLightsaber_GLAM_HiRes 9619_StarWars_KyloRen_GLAM_HiRes 9620_StarWars_FN2199Trooper_GLAM_HiRes 9621_StarWars_Maz_GLAM_HiRes 9622_StarWars_ReyHelmet_HiRes 9613_StarWars_MazNoGlasses_GLAM_HiRes 9623_StarWars_PoeJumpsuit_GLAM_HiRes 9624_StarWars_PoeResistance_GLAM_HiRes 9627_StarWars_ReyFinalScene_GLAM_HiRes 10105_SW_Dagobah_Yoda_GLAM_HiRes 10106_SW_LukeEndor_GLAM_HiRes 8737_StarWars_BespinLuke_GLAM_HiRes

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