Be Sure To Get These Tsums Tsums Before They Head Off To Civil War!


Disney and Marvel is about to shake things with Captain America: Civil War hits US theaters on Friday, May 6. All roads have come to this, and since we know that this war was NOT triggered by a feud over the last donut with the red, white, and blue sprinkles, fans are raring to see how the action and drama will unfold that eventually placed a wedge right smack in the middle among our superheroes that eventually pitted them against each other.

Now, before we see Team Cap and Team Iron man in action, Disney gives us a treat of having their not-so-serious counterparts adorn our ever-growing plush collection. These new Marvel Avengers Series 2 Tsum Tsums are ready to battle for the prime spot on your stackables. This is one collection that you don’t want to miss, next to BB-8 and the rest of your Star Wars The Force Awakens tsum tsum collection.


The Disney Store has currently listed on their website the sweet, tiny stackable versions of Ant-Man, Vision, Black Panther, Hawkeye, Falcon, War Machine and The Winter Solider (available in the UK and Europe only). Also included in this set are the previously released Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man as well as Hawkeye. Feel free to add in your own Black Widow and Spidey from the earlier roll-out. Click on the links to head over at Disney Store online.

Ant-Man Tsum Tsum Plush – Avengers Series 2 – Mini – 3 1/2”


Vision Tsum Tsum Plush – Avengers Series 2 – Mini – 3 1/2”


Black Panther Tsum Tsum Plush – Avengers Series 2 – Mini – 3 1/2”


Hawkeye Tsum Tsum Plush – Avengers Series 2 – Mini – 3 1/2”


Falcon Tsum Tsum Plush – Avengers Series 2 – Mini – 3 1/2”


War Machine Tsum Tsum Plush – Avengers Series 2 – Mini – 3 1/2”


Winter Soldier Tsum Tsum Plush – Avengers Series 2 – Mini – 3 1/2” (UK and Europe Only)


The new Tsum Tsums retail for $5.95 each and will also be released at Disney Stores around the country, just before Captain America: Civil War breaks out on Friday.


Source: Disney Tsum Tsum


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