JUST FOR FUN: Guess The Classic Disney Movies in this Latest Simpson’s Couch Gag


Disney master animator, director and voice actor Eric Goldberg was probably toying with this idea for a very long time. It’s a rare treat to see such sentimentality from the Simpsons – even from Bart himself. After all, who doesn’t love the charm behind classic hand-drawn animated films of Disney’s Golden Years? I think I should rename the headline of this article since naming the Disney classics in this latest Simpson couch gag is a snap. Enough of the talk. Watch this and enjoy.

It’s kind of cute for Goldberg to have Maggie play the role in that Steamboat Willie sequence. The moving furniture and Maggie’s dance routine surely hit the spot in bringing back the classic 20s feel of Mickey and Minnie’s first debut film. It was also a good call for Goldberg to have the original movie scores attached to each scene otherwise I could have mistakenly thought Homer to be Yogi bear while he gobbles up that pile of picnic basket staples.

This is one Simpsons couch gag that I’ll be keeping on my YouTube playlist. Thanks Inside the Magic for the tip.

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