WATCH: This Latest Finding Dory International Trailer Features New Scenes and Footage



We’ve seen so much of our lovable Blue Tang for the past weeks that we can’t wait to see her and the rest of the gang of Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory once they hit the big screen on June 17. We met some of Dory’s aquatic friends up close when Ellen de Generes (the voice behind Dory) presented the film’s official trailer last month. The trailer also sets the tone of the next great adventure that Nemo, Marlin and Dory will embark into. Jolted by a series of vague, but powerful recollections of her parents, Dory travels the vast ocean once more and this time to find the place that her heart can never forget – her true home. Of course, it’s easier said and done specially when Dory finds herself sidetracked and ends up in the wrong places.

This time around, Hollywood Entertainment gives us a glimpse of Finding Dory’s International Trailer specifically released in Japan, showing us new, never before seen footage of Dory and her new found friends over at the Marine Life Institute. Watch this.

Similar to the US version, Finding Dory’s International trailer begins with Dory experiencing a powerful memory of her parents. Her search eventually landed her at the Marine Life Institute in California. Much of the Japanese trailer – more than a minute in fact – is devoted on scenes about life inside the institute and Dory and Hank’s break out to reach the Open Ocean Exhibit.

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Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory will debut in Japan on July 16, while it will be released earlier in the US on June 17.

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