WATCH: Team Iron Man May Have Scored in This Cool Civil War Promo

civil war screenshot

We saw yesterday how Team Iron Man takes on the Winter Soldier in Civil War’s latest teaser trailer. This time, it seems that Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.)  is taking a bit of a break and takes his feud with Team Cap on a ‘larger’ scale. Employing the aid of France’s ‘Iron Lady’, billionaire industrialist showed off that he has more bragging rights by hacking into the Eiffel Tower’s lighting display computer system. What comes next is totally epic. Take a look.

We may never get to see this on the actual film, because we sincerely doubt if Stark can still have a breather such as this following the tragic events that spurred the divide among the Avengers. Nevertheless, the cool display is clearly a point earned for Team Iron Man, and being a “genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist” as he are, it’s not surprising if Tony will get away with it.

Which team do you think has the most scores so far in this superhero feud? Who do you root for? Which team will eventually be the top dog? We’ll find out in a few weeks, once Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War hits US theaters on May 6.

Source: Marvel FR via Inside the Magic

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