This Disney Fan Really Did Visit all the Disney Theme Parks in the World in Less Than 80 Hours


Dreaming about your next theme park adventure and actually visiting all of the Disney theme parks in the world may be a dream of a lifetime. But one Disney fan pushed the limits of his dream into reality that skirts between the boundary of being absurd, to becoming totally awesome.

Meet Christopher Wing the hard core Disney fan who is not just satisfied of visiting all the Disney parks in the world, but to do so in less than 80 hours. We’re not quite sure if he’s aiming to hit on a world record here, but if given the chance I would rather stay in each Disneyland resort and take my time to enjoy the place. However, for a super fan like Chris, pleasure comes in covering as many places as he can.

Here’s Chris’ itinerary for this three-day challenge:

  • Disneyland Resort in California
  • Walt Disney World Resort in Florida
  • Disneyland Resort Paris
  • Disneyland Hongkong
  • Disneyland Resort Tokyo
  • Back to Disneyland Resort in California

Watch his video below.

It’s a wild and crazy adventure, no doubt about that. With that kind of adrenaline rush from travelling around the world and varying from time zone to time zone, such feat is not for the faint of heart. But this didn’t deter Chris from dreaming of his next escapade and adding one more to his future itinerary. “Mentally, I’m not sure what time zone I’m in – but I’m still very excited and very happy to be back home at Disneyland,” Christopher said. “Now, I’m really looking forward to Shanghai Disneyland and the next Disney adventure.”



Source: Disney Parks Blog via Inside the Magic

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