Director James Cameron Announced Four Avatar Sequels on the Works

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Last week’s CinemaCon revealed a lot of great titles to watch out for, even it means waiting for seven years at the very least. This may sound absurd given almost a decade of waiting, but with an iconic film such as that of James Cameron’s Avatar, it is definitely worth the wait.

According to Brent Lang’s Variety, the 2009 all-time worldwide box office champion, the fantasy-epic Avatar will now have not three as originally planned, but four sequels spread throughout the Christmas season during following years: 2018, 2020, 2022, and 2023. “He first envisioned two sequels. But after meeting with a team of four screenwriters and a group of ‘some of the top artists and designers in the world,’ he realized that he had way too much material for just two films. He initially decided on three sequels, then jumped to four,” Lang explained.

It is one ambitious project fitting for the world’s multi-billion dollar box-office hit. “We have decided to embark on a truly massive cinematic project, making four epic films, each of which stands alone, but together forms a complete saga,” Director James Cameron says. There were initial plans to bring the sequels into customer’s homes but the plan didn’t sound right for Cameron. The scale and magnitude of the films will be much more appreciated through a theatrical experience. “Trust me, these are films that were designed to be seen in theaters and on the big screen first,” Cameron explained.

Hopefully, those who are waiting for the opening Pandora – World of Avatar over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will have a glimpse on how James Cameron will give life to Pandora’s vibrantly sprawling flora and fauna as seen from Avatar’s four sequels once it opens to the public next year. These concept arts of the planet Pandora as revealed during Disney’s 2015 D23 Expo shows some of the attractions to watch out for at Disney’s Animal Kingdom such as the AVATAR Flight of Passage and Na’Vi River Journey.





So what do you think about James Cameron’s long-awaited sequels? Are you excited to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom and have your fill of Pandora – World of Avatar? Share us your thoughts in the comments below.


Source: Variety via Inside The Magic

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