For the past couple of weeks, the fan hype and frenzy surrounding the film that is known to herald Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) have increased phenomenally. With an official trailer that has more than 56 million views since it was uploaded on YouTube just a month ago, one can only speculate how many will hit the theaters once Captain America: Civil War premiers on May 6.

The second official trailer for Cap’s third film begins with a dark, brooding recollection of the tragic events that rocked the world to its core – from an alien invasion to a rogue computer program bent on mankind’s complete annihilation. Consequently, it resulted in the government’s attempt to ‘control’ and regulate the very people who thwarted the plans of those responsible behind these tragedies. These initiatives, coupled with other deeply personal motives, have pitted Cap and the rest of the Avengers against each other in a battle of principles and loyalties. Thankfully at the end of the trailer, Directors Joe and Anthony Russo finally unveiled a much awaited Marvel character that placed a break on the darkly menacing tone of Civil War. It was a much welcomed breather.


In similar fashion, Marvel Entertainment offered another sort of a breather with not just one, but two clips that lives up to the title of ‘Captain America’. The first clip, which debuted during last Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards and was introduced by none other than Chris Evans himself, highlighted Cap’s leadership abilities and his team’s efficiency to execute their plans “just like they practiced”.

The second clip shows how much a fan-boy Team Cap’s latest recruit is. Who would imagine Paul Rudd’s Ant Man is such a big Captain America fan? Well, I guess we’d react the same way too.

It’s a good thing that Disney and Marvel came up with these clips. It’s a welcome breather before we are eventually overwhelmed by Civil War a good three weeks from now.

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