Last month, we reported on the possibility of seeing another Disney short anytime soon with the upcoming release of another novelization based on Disney’s 2014 Academy award-winning animated feature, Frozen. Citing a possible link between a Random House Disney novelization, and a short film similar to what we have seen in Frozen Fever, Stitch Kingdom proposed a similar take on Frozen Northern Lights: The Deluxe Novelization.

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Though Random House has already listed the novelization for pre-order on its website, it has not yet given any official title to the said book.  However, the publisher already posted its official synopsis, including what to expect from its 224 pages. Here’s the synopsis:


Anna, Elsa, Kristoff and their friends from Disney Frozen are helping Little Rock the troll earn his tracking crystal. Join them as they embark on a mountain adventure under the Northern Lights! This special novelization features 8 pages of spectacular photos of the real Northern Lights in a beautiful jacketed hardcover format. It’s perfect for children ages 6 to 9!


Given that Random House mentions that Northern Lights comes with 224 pages, we hope to see more than just 8 pages of photos. The synopsis specifically mentions featuring real photos of the northern lights of the Aurora Borealis, so hopefully will get to see more artworks and images that will really be “perfect for children ages 6 to 9”. Furthermore, according to Stitch Kingdom, including photos of the real northern lights in the novelization somehow slows the momentum on the expected (or hoped for) Disney Frozen short. Without a doubt, the real northern lights are a wonder to behold, but it will do much for a children’s book  if they will focus more on the storyboard and the creation of its concept art, as asserted by Stitch Kingdom.

Whatever Disney has in store for us with their latest Frozen novelization, we just have to wait until it is officially released on July 5.

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