Pirated Blu-ray Copy of ‘The Force Awakens Leaks Online – 250,000 D/Ls In Just 12 Hours


Just a couple of days before the release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens in its DVD and Blu-ray formats, it seems that Disney and Lucasfilms have to gear up for another skirmish of piracy battles on the high seas. TorrentFreak reports that early copies of the movie’s Blu-ray format have ended up in various pirate sites in what seems to be an earlier-than-expected release of the film.

While many of the Star Wars faithful are eagerly waiting for the April 5 release of the movie’s home edition, it looks like the excitement might be significantly dampened. Knowing how damaging piracy can be in the movie industry, Disney sent thousands of takedown requests to Google to limit the illegal distribution of the cam copied versions of Episode VII. This time, they might invoke the same thing again. However, it is quite uncertain if these efforts will yield the desired results.

TorrentFreak further mentioned that ever since the pirates had an early start, the first copy that illegally went online yesterday racked up an estimated 250,000 downloads within the first 12 hours. The numbers may come in as a surprise, but it is somehow expected. What is interesting on the other hand is that these pirates actually have a ‘gentleman’s code of conduct’ that specifically outlines how a copy should be released. This set of rules were drafted by the REPLiCA release group and has been considered as the ‘gold standard’ in terms of sharing content. It even requires uploaders to provide proof that they have a legitimate copy of the film by posting a snapshot of the physical DVD or Blu-ray disc.


In any case, this illegal distribution will surely land a mean punch on Episode VII’s legit distribution. For those who would like to have their fair share of the movie’s collector’s edition, you might need to fend off the temptation traversing the dangerous seas of piracy and wait for a few more days before the Star Wars: The Force Awakens officially lands in your local stores on April 5.

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