Stitch Kingdom shared what could be a possible link between Random House’s Disney release of Frozen Northern Lights: The Deluxe Novelization (Disney Frozen) and a possible short animated film following the likes of Frozen Fever. The hint was provided via Tumblr by Bulda which runs the Frozen fan blog.



Frozen Northern Lights: The Deluxe Novelization from Random House Kids, is scheduled to be released on July 5, 2016. Since Random House has been the primary source of novelizations for Disney films, like Frozen Fever for example, it follows that we might soon expect another Frozen short might be at the works already. However, what is more interesting as Stitch Kingdom points out, is the number of pages that the book has. Retailing at $14.99 in its hard cover variant, Frozen Northern Lights comes with 224 pages. Comparatively speaking, it has plenty of pages more than Frozen Fever, which is only 96 pages, including 8 pages of photos. More so if you will compare it to the special edition novelization of the feature-length Frozen, which only comes at 128 pages. We can only speculate at this time on what could be the major plot points of this new novelization. As of this writing, neither Amazon nor Random House listed any book covers. As it seems, Disney is not yet ready for a full reveal. Perhaps it is avoiding the same issues as it encountered with Finding Dory and the host of books and learning materials that unintentionally revealed some important plot points.

Whatever the case is, we’re sure to find out more details about this latest novelization anytime soon. Disney shorts have a history of being released in conjunction with full length movie debuts and releases. Most likely candidates are Pete’s Dragon to be released on August 12 and The BFG on July 1

petes-dragon-2016-poster-trailer the bfg poster

We’ll keep a close watch on this and as we scout the skies for more of Frozen Northern Lights.

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