All roads (so far) lead to this. With Marvel sharing the recent character posters for members of both Team Cap, and Team Iron Man, and with a teaser for yet another teaser released a few days ago, we are now given another trailer that puts everything into perspective when Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in May. With 11.9 million views and counting, Trailer #2 binds the story of our heroes perfectly. Watch this.

The beginning of the trailer focused on the central, driving conflict that placed our heroes at odds against each other: the attacks on New York (Avengers), Washington (Captain America: Winter Soldier), and Sokovia (Avengers: Age of Ultron) created fear, unrest and distrust amongst the general population against super powered individuals. Because of this, a legislative bill called the ‘Sokovia Accords’ were drafted mandating all superheroes to reveal their identities and subject their ‘vigilante’ behavior regulated. The bill has driven a wedge among the Avengers and the rest of the super hero community, forcing them to stand by their principles and taking sides.


Central also to this conflict is how adamant Tony Stark seems to be in his pursuit of Bucky Barnes aka the Winter Soldier. Things become more complicated when Steve Rogers decided to take upon himself to defend and protect his long time friend. For Steve, rescuing and defending his friend Bucky from what seems to be a frame up eventually means going against the government. The trailer itself is full of surprises, and one cool example is a scene showing how capable Scarlet Witch has become when she was able to bind Vision, rendering him helpless. As it seems, Scarlet may prove to be an equal rival of the indestructible android.


Finally, perhaps as an answer to that nagging, ubiquitous question that we all have: Is there another seat reserved for Team Iron Man? In the most typical post-credits Easter egg style of Marvel, we got our answer towards the end of the trailer. I can just imagine the cheers and the whoa among the crowd when everybody’s favorite neighborhood wall-crawler entered the scene and grabbed Cap’s shield at the playful behest of Tony. There is something definitely new with our current Spiderman. He seems to have a costume revamp focusing on a simpler version reminiscent of his old comic book rendition. I have to play the trailer again at around 2:19 to make sure that I did not miss it because as it turns out, and for the very first time since his debut in the big screen, the goggle-like eyes of Spiderman’s mask actually moves similar to that of Deadpool’s. We don’t know exactly how this cartoonish persona of Spidey will fit into the darker and more intense atmosphere of Civil War. But with 15 minutes worth of earth shattering 6-way brawler battle, saying that this movie is good feels like an understatement.


There are still plenty of notable scenes in this second trailer. ScreenRant has written an excellent analysis about it which you may find interesting, so be sure to check it out.


Captain America: Civil War will show in all US theaters on May 6, 2016.

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