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We’re more than just two months away before we see our favorite fish friends (not food) ride the waves again in Disney’s Finding Dory. Pixar’s original film and ocean adventure began in 2003 when Nemo and his clownfish dad Marlin were separated. Now fast forward after 13 years – though the story’s timeline does not show much time skip with only six months since the happenings on the first movie – we get to see Dory embarking on an adventure that will hopefully lead her to her own family.

Just a couple of hours ago, Ellen DeGeneres, who happened to be the voice behind the chronically forgetful Blue Tang, Dory, shared the movie’s second official trailer via her Tweeter account.


Here’s a look at newest Finding Dory trailer.

As you can notice, we’ll be seeing Nemo’s (Albert Brooks) high-strung dad Marlin together with other old familiar fish friends. Starring in the movie are the voices of Ty Burrell (Beluga Whale) and Kaitlin Olson, who will play the role of Destiny – a whale shark who is unable to swim straight.

Finding Dory will open in US theaters on June 17, 2016.

Here’s the earlier trailer for the film, which was released last November.

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