If you’re a raging and spiteful, intergalactic tyrant bent to spread terror and fear across the galaxy, but not yet familiar with the ways of the Force, then perhaps you might consider doing it in style. Here’s a quick look at what ANOVOS has to offer with its latest top notch costume re-creation of the newest Dark Side disciple ever to hit the block, Kylo Ren.

Based on the original costume that donned the main antagonist in The Force Awakens, ANOVOS utilized digital files and props from the production of the film to ensure accuracy and impeccable attention to detail. From the meticulous, multi-layered texture of Ren’s garments to the unique scarring on his helmet, every detail is faithfully accounted for and authentic.

Check out the costume’s exquisite details below courtesy of ANOVOS:

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Here are more details as mentioned in ANOVOS’ website:

This ensemble includes details duplicated from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS screen-used production assets.

  • Top-coat, hood, and scarf made of custom milled basket weave cotton with coating. 
  • Hood and scarf is supported by internal wire for proper shape.
  • Neck seal is made of faux leather with velcro closure.
  • Under tunic is pleated and coated.
  • Shirt has off-center zipper closure and pleated sleeves.
  • Trousers made of coated black denim with leather-tip suspenders. 
  • Gloves are made of faux leather with welted stitching.
  • Leather belt has metal buckle detail and includes lightsaber clip. 
  • Footwear is not included. 

This Premier Line helmet accessory includes details duplicated from STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS screen-used production assets.

  • Helmet is assembled and ready to wear.
  • Helmet is created from digital scans and reference from the original prop.
  • Helmet is constructed in fiberglass.
  • Helmet has texture and metalized elements replicated from the original prop.
  • Visor is mesh material replicated from the original prop.
  • Helmet interior is lined for a finished appearance.
  • Helmet fitting pads are adjustable.


It should be noted however that this villainous outfit from ANOVOS comes with a rather hefty price tag. Interested buyers may avail of their ‘discounted’ price of $2,635 if they will place their order on or before March 31. After which, it will be offered at its original price of $3,100. All right, I know what you’re thinking as you look at those numbers. Anyways, ANOVOS gives a pretty decent explanation for their products. You might be interested to read about it here.

The ANOVOS Kylo Ren Costume Ensemble will start shipping on December 2016, and is available with and without the helmet. You may also check their product page for more information such as pre-ordering, sizing guides, and other related products.

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