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Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) seems to have landed on a gold mine when it introduced the concept of having multiple characters coming from different movies convene on a grand epic scale every now and then. Borrowing the same model as that from the comic series, MCU was able to weave a magnificent storyline since its inception in 2008 when Iron Man was introduced in the big screen. Now after 12 films and in a span of 8 years, the weave becomes more enmeshed as Phase 3 of the MCU is about to take off.

With a story that follows Avenger’s default leader, Captain America (Chris Evans), he and the rest of MCU’s super heroes are forced to take a stand and be eventually divided because of their unwavering principles. Now, if you wish to be on track once again, you have the option of watching all of the past 12 MCU films (which I personally did, and prefer) to get a better grasp of how former allies ended up in such variance against each other. As a time-saving alternative, you opt to watch this excellent movie clip posted by MCU Exchange.

This trailer-style refresher shows how it all got to this point (scroll down below) – which some are hailing as a more effective teaser than the ones officially released by Marvel Studios. Using various clips and sound bites from important plots from almost every MCU movie released to date, along with innuendos from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Jessica Jones, this MCU Supercut – The Road to Civil War video goes back through various scenes that highlights the differing approaches to duty that eventually divides Civil War’s main characters: Captain America and Iron Man. In doing so, it shows audiences not just the key historical events that led or will led eventually to MCU’s Civil War, but also to the contrasting characterization of its lead characters Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

Noticeably, the Civil War comics event has a different take on this. In contrast to MCU’s version, the comic book sees the superhero community divided over how to respond to a government initiative of requiring all superheroes to be registered and identified for who they really are in the wake of a super-powered battle that led to the accidental destruction of an elementary school taking with it countless of innocent lives.


While MCU has a different take on this – in this case, widespread chaos and destruction that came from multiple sources such as an alien invasion, an internal conflict leading several city-sized aircrafts to fall from the sky, and a rogue computer program.

Comics Marvel-Civil-War-Recap

Whatever happens in Civil War, it remains to be seen how brothers Joe and Anthony Russo will give justice to this earth shaking event in MCU. It should also be noted that Captain America: Civil War might be the last ‘traditional’ MCU film that will herald the start of the its magic and supernatural-themed movies beginning with Doctor Strange in November, followed by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on May of next year and Spider Man and Thor: Ragnarok all slated for 2017.

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