Pixar finds itself going back into the seas with its long overdue sequel to their critically acclaimed, 2003 splash Finding Nemo. Finding Dory follows up on the lives of our endearing sea creatures several months from the original movie’s timeline. With several fragments of her memory resurfacing, our favorite blue tang fish will ‘keep on swimming’ and will stop at nothing in search of her roots.

Finding Nemo is without a doubt highly successful. It is credited to be the third-highest grossing film in the studio’s history, bagging them the Oscars for Best Animated feature. It is therefore understandable – and expected – that Disney will up the ante in its efforts of promoting Dory and the host of her sea buddies.

According to ScreenRant, “Disney has slowly but surely began to unveil marketing materials for the sequel, including a teaser trailer and images showcasing the cast of new characters.”

This time, to complement the movie’s catch phrase of ‘Have You Seen Her?’, Disney released a couple of posters that is reminiscent of a Sunday comic book activity page. Though the posters themselves don’t spill any important plot about the movie, it’s quite entertaining to search for Dory within a jellyfish forest, a bunch of stingrays, and among corals. Check them out below:

Pixar is known for dishing out great originals from Finding Nemo to Monsters Inc. and Cars. However, their sequels were not received as warmly as their predecessors. The only exception to this is perhaps the Toy Story trilogy which earned much praise worldwide. “Hopefully, Finding Dory can be a worthwhile successor to a modern classic, one that tells a fresh and exciting narrative that delights the longtime fans and newcomers who weren’t around to see Finding Nemo on the big screen,” ScreenRant’s Chris Agar says.

Finding Dory will be in theaters on June 17, 2016.

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