Ratatouille Fan Wants a LEGO Set Honoring the Chef Rodent

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of Pixar’s creatively delicious “Ratatouille”. Featuring the character of a bipedal rodent, Remy, the movie was Pixar’s take on the value of pursuing your dreams even the face of criticisms and discouragements.

In celebration of the movie’s first decade, LEGO Ideas user ‘Carlierti’ came up with a proposal of coming up with a Ratatouille-themed LEGO set to honor the brilliant chef-rodent. LEGO Ideas is the brick company’s online platform where anyone is free to come up with ideas that can be the next big thing in the world of LEGO bricks. Similar to Kickstarter, crowds can submit their concepts and rally for support from other LEGO Idea users with the hope of being noticed by the top brass and cool designers of LEGO. If the proposal is feasible both in design and profitability, then the idea may actually end up as a real product, with credits (and possibly a nice pay) to the original designer.

Carlierti came up with his proposal by making a replica of the Bistrot Chez Remy from selected toy bricks. The resulting design is faithful reproduction of the acclaimed French restaurant, both in its exterior and interiors. It also includes mock-ups of minifigures representing the characters from the movie: Remy the rat, Linguini, Collette, Skinner, and Horst. If Carlierti’s proposal can manage to get 10,000 thumbs up then perhaps we can get to see this Pixar-themed set along side with other Disney-inspired LEGOs.

Check out some of the photos below courtesy of Carlierti and tell us what you think. Will you place a vote of confidence for this one?




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