Groundbreaking Filming Technology To Be Used for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2


If there is one thing that we really love about the 2014 adaptation of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy other than the comedy, action, and visual effects, it’s probably the colorful characters of this motley crew – literally. Screen Rant’s Rudie Obias comments, “From the green Gamora to the blue Yondu to the purple Power Infinity Stone, Guardians of the Galaxy looked absolutely great with different and colorful alien species taking over the big screen.”

Now that a 2017 sequel is in the works, director James Gunn promises that the new film will be even more immersive, engaging, and more digitally sharp thanks to its partnership with digital camera company RED. GOG Vol. 2 will be the first movie to ever take advantage of the latest cinematic technology – using a WEAPON 8K camera in its production. According from the press release of RED: “We are all hugely excited to be shooting the next Guardians of the Galaxy on the new WEAPON 8K. This is my third collaboration with RED, having previously shot with the RED EPIC® on Prometheus and the EPIC DRAGON on Tarzan,” says Nik Korda, Executive Producer. “The large sensor size and super high resolution offered by the new WEAPON 8K, combined with its lightweight and compact size open up a whole range of new creative possibilities.”

RED’s WEAPON 8K camera can capture more color information through its high resolution sensors creating images that are shaper and more vibrant. It can also be fitted with 35mm lenses. Though were not sure if all of the scenes in GOG Vol. 2 will be shot in 8K, or only key portions of it similar to the first such as Groot lighting a dark room when the gang crashed on Ronan’s ship was filmed in IMAX, it’s interesting to see how this new technology will bring viewers to a new level of cinematic experience.

As a final note, Henry Braham, BSC, Director of Photography has this to say about the revolutionary camera. “RED’s 8K WEAPON is the little big camera. Perfectly counterintuitive. And perfect for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2.”

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