J. J. Abrams Eyeing An Oscar For The Force Awakens


It is no doubt that the 7th installment in the Star Wars movie franchise has become a global phenomenon topping the charts and even overtaking the record previously set by James Cameron’s Avatar. Now that J.J. Abrams Star Wars Episode 7 is earning all positive reviews at all fronts, movie goers are anxious how it will fare at the Academy Awards. While Abrams himself is not making any guarantees, he is sincerely hoping that he will see his team be recognized for what they truly deserve when the nominations are announced within the week.

In a recent Television Critics Association tour, Abrams was asked if he believes that ‘The Force Awaken’ should be considered for an Oscar. The award-winning director was confident in his statement, saying that he doesn’t need further validation about the film since it is well-liked by many. He believes that the credit should go to his crew:

“There are certain people that I know deserve it definitely and it would be wonderful if they got it. I feel like the gift of working on that film is such that I don’t need any further validation than the movie being out there and people liking the movie. There are people that I will be disappointed if they don’t get nominated because I think that the work they did was really exemplary.”

Abrams is mum on who he believes is most deserving among his team. For all of its worth – from visual effects, sound editing, production design, sound mixing, and score – everything and all aspects of the movie is sure to be a winner. It also wouldn’t be surprising if composer John Williams receives a nomination for his original score. Williams is an Academy favorite who has been nominated 49 times before, with 5 wins, according to ScreenRant’s Chris Agar.

In any case the biggest question in people’s minds right now, is the force strong enough to cause Star Wars 7 to bag the Best Picture Nomination. Awards and citations were given to movies such as ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ and ‘The Martian’ so it is most likely that these titles might be mentioned again. Agar confirms that, “It’s true that each awards body has its own set of tastes, but once the guilds start weighing in, there are a lot of similarities between the lists”.

It might be wise not to raise our hopes too much since historically, the Star Wars franchise has only seen one Best Picture award with its ‘Episode 4: A New Hope’. Nevertheless as Agar firmly believes, “Regardless of how the Academy sees The Force Awakens, the film has legions of supporters who can’t wait to see where the story goes from here. For Abrams and Star Wars fans everywhere, that’s the best victory they could have hoped for”.

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