Check Out Two New ‘Finding Dory’ Characters!

Set just six months after the first film, in only six more months we’ll get to continue the incredible story of ‘Nemo’ and his friends, in particular a blue angel fish named…DORY! C’mon, you all knew that name, though. How could you not? Voiced by Ellen DeGenerese, Dory is one of the most iconic and humorous characters created by Disney/Pixar, and now she gets her own movie! On jane 17, 2016 Finding Dory hits theaters as we’ll go on an adventure to help Dory find her family.

Along the way we’ll see many of the same characters from the first film, Finding Nemo, but there will be some new ones, too. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, here’s a peek at two of the newest additions to the crew: Bailey, a beluga whale, and Destiny, a whale shark!


They form a hilarious tandem voiced by Ty Burrell (‘Modern Family’) and Kaitlin Olson (‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’). Can’t wait to meet them and many others! Can you?


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