Create Your own ‘Star Wars’ Title Crawl!


‘A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…’

Some of the most iconic words ever written on film right there. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen one, all seven or zero of the Star Wars films (Jeepers! There’s 7 of them now!?! Check out the new ‘Star Wars’ tab on our homepage!), you’ve seen those words. And you’ve also most likely seen the scrolling text the goes up into the starry-filled universe of a backdrop to begin each of the seven films. Well, thanks to Star Wars Crawl Creator on, you can now create your own!

You can create and enjoy your creative crawl by sharing them with friends, but it’s difficult to save your work, so get those screen shots ready!

We’d love to see your work in the comments! POST them and comment on others!


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