A Rabbit Hole of Post-Christmas ‘Star Wars’ Gloriousness


Full from engorging your stomach on some roast beast and your consumerism on some gifts? Well, time to open up another hatch to fill up with something: your time and imagination. Yep, the most-successfully launched movie of all-time Star Wars: The Force Awakens is dominating the box office, and now also the interwebs. Truth be told, it’s always owned the internet blogs, but due to the smashing success of Episode VII, there’s a litany of material to read and enjoy. So, you’re welcome for the next 30 minutes of your life a you get your fill on some fun and interesting Star Wars news and hot topics.

-Turns out ‘Disney Infinity’ does NOT spoil ‘Episode VIII’ after all! (Kotaku.com)
-An interesting read on the continuation of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and Star Wars(Salon.com)
What’s next for The Force Awakens villains? (MTV.com)
-Check out 6 Star Wars technologies that actually exist today! (engadget.com)

And don’t worry…they’ll be more on Star Wars soon. Enjoy the rest of the holiday!


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