ABC Creating ‘Captain America’ 75th Anniversary Special


75 years. Sweet mercy. That’s a long time, and Disney and ABC are fully aware of that. Captain America turns 75 this year, and ABC will be creating an hour-long special to commemorate it! Fun news, right?!? Filled with interviews, commentaries and feature footage from across the years, including an appearance from Chris Evans himself, the special will air Tuesday, January 19 on ABC. But wait, there’s more…

Don’t just think this special is going to highlight the last 75 years of the Cap’n without some surprises of its own for the future. After all, I’m hoping there’s at least another 75 years to come of the First Avenger. Marvel is set to announce a major new wrinkle to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) or Captain America, himself. See, it’s not quite known what the reveal will hold, but it makes the celebration even more must-watch TV.

Here’s a fun list of five potential items that could be announced in just under a month by Disney and Marvel according to

Check back for more as it comes in!


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