Disney’s CEO Bob Iger Looking to Bring NFL to LA


We all know that Disney is one of the strongest brands and names in the world, so, naturally, the man running the mouse-eared company comes with quite the power himself. Bob Iger, Disney CEO, is looking to use his influence and power to do what many before him could not: bring an NFL team back to Los Angeles.

The NFL may be the equivalent to Disney in the sports world; they essentially own an entire day of the week (Sundays). But since 1994 no team has called Los Angeles home. If Iger has any say in the matter, that will change soon. How soon? His desire is to see that change occur as early as 2016, but time is running short on that option.

Los Angeles houses The Colosseum, the stadium that the University of Southern California calls home, and the Rose Bowl in nearby Pasadena, so venues are not the reason to keep a team from heading to the city of angels. Financial, economic and simple power plays tend to fill that equation, of which Iger is trying to break through. The top two options for relocation are seemingly the St. Louis Rams, who once were in Los Angeles, or the Oakland Raiders, the last team to leave LA. If Iger has his way, it won’t be just one NFL that comes to LA, but two! Igor recently stated,

If you are going to bring the NFL back to a market that is this big, this important, then do it big. And two is much bigger than one.

Time will tell how fast a move could happen, but with Iger at the helm of the possibility it seems like the project is moving from an idea to a reality. What does that mean for Disney? Even more sway in the entertainment capital of the world.


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