Catch ‘The Good Dinosaur’ in Theaters Now!

The newest Disney/Pixar film to hit the box office is a prehistoric tale that is sure to create all the same lore as every other single Pixar film period. Haha, seriously, can these guys do any wrong? If Rotten Tomatoes has anything to say about it…nope!

The Good Dinosaur opens in theaters worldwide this week (Happy Thanksgiving!), and is crushing the box office. Even though it’s up against the almighty The Hunger Games finale, The Good Dinosaur has opened well at the box office. Perhaps it’s due to the 81% early rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a tremendous score when considering the skew it’s being rated against. With so many extremely high scores from other Pixar films, the expectation is nothing but the best.

In case you still need some incentive to see the film, here’s the final trailer for the film.

Catch The Good Dinosaur in theaters now!


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