Robin Williams’ ‘Genie’ Voice Halts Plans for Another ‘Aladdin’

One of the most iconic voices in Disney lore, or, for that matter, movie lore, is the late Robin Williams. His most famous role for Disney was the vibrant ‘Genie’ in Aladdin! The second-highest rated film on our site, Aladdin has seen two sequels hit the box office, or the DVD counters, at least. The success of the second and third films wasn’t incredible, but creating a fourth film wrapped around extra footage of the Genie’s voice unused in previous films could really do well in theaters, especially in a world devoid of Robin Williams. However, it ain’t happening.

In Williams’ will after he passed he placed a stipulation that none of his vocal pieces of the Genie could be used for 25 years after his death, effectively locking up the role or presentation of another Genie for another quarter-century.

Sad news for Disney fans, as the Genie will remain in the vaults until the next generation comes along. So, here’s to waiting.

Would you have wanted a fourth Aladdin installment?


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