Ranking the Top 10 Disney Movie Mentors!


I’m a sucker for a good list. Maybe it’s just me, as I’ve been ranking things since my childhood, like all-time baseball players, favorite books, basketball lineups. I’m just a fan of the list. So, why not bring one more over that involves Disney?

Moviepilot.com is one of my favorite sites to see fun, original and interesting articles when it comes to movies, especially those of the Disney variety. They recently posted an article highlighting the Top 10 Disney Movie Mentors, because everyone should know which Mentor to choose if you’re ever faced with gaining wisdom from a Disney character! Through the history of classic Disney movies the Mentor plays a significant role, especially for the protagonist. Whether it’s ‘Merlin,’ ‘Mushu,’ or the ‘Fairy Godmother,’ you’ve heard of all these names. But the big question is: which one is the definitive #1 Disney mentor?

I’ll let you click that link above to find out, but as a little hint I’ll tell you I disagree a little with their #1. It could just be a result of me growing up in the ’90’s, but really any of these names would be strong candidates to lead you in your own Disney expedition.

Who is your #1 Disney movie mentor?


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