‘Thor: Ragnarok’ to Feature The Hulk and Two New Heroes!


Under the watchful eye of Taika Waititi, the new director for Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel will bring another superhero into the Thor storyline with Mark Ruffalo joining the cast as ‘The Hulk’ in some capacity. But beyond the green giant’s braun entering the story, two new superheroes will grace the Marvel Cinematic Universe, as well. Female superheroes!

According to Hypeable.com, “Marvel chose Waititi to add some comedy to what is reportedly a very apocalyptic film. This leads to the second report, which reveals that we may be seeing the superhero Valkyrie, as well as her arch nemesis, The Enchantress.”


The Enchantress and Valkyrie should be joining the fold, setting up one of the most overwhelmingly epic movies ever in what will be Avengers 3. Before all that calamity, though, we’ll get to enjoy another installment of everyone’s favorite Norse god, Thor.

Thor: Ragnarok is set to hit theaters November 3, 2017. Still a ways off, but exciting news in the build up.

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