Disney Talks with Kenneth Branagh About ‘Artemis Fowl’


For what seems like decades (actually 14 years to be exact!), Disney has tried to launch the film franchise of Artemis Fowl, a popular series of books that would translate very well to the screen. The trouble is they’ve yet to find someone who can direct the project. Silly as it seems that through 14 years Disney, king of everything film these days, can’t find a director, but that’s been the case. Until now. Hopefully…

Reports are the Sir Kenneth Branagh (Director of Cinderella) is talking with Disney about taking on the potential film franchise! Artemis Fowl is a series of 8 science fiction style novels that author Eoin Colfer described as ‘Die Hard with fairies’. Oh yes, please.

Cinema Blend goes to on describe the books in this way: Artemis Fowl revolves around the delightfully named title character, a small, cunning, and rather brilliant 12-year-old criminal mastermind. Fowl looks to extort gold from a secret group of Fairy People. However, this ploy puts him in direct conflict with some of the most vile and dangerous creatures on the planet. Over the span of eight books, Artemis Fowl is very much an anti-hero, but he evolves and even ends up working with a posse of fairies to try and stop villains from destroying the world.

With 13 million copies sold Disney may have a diamond hiding up their sleeve. Hopefully this pans out and we keep hearing more about this as it gets done! We’ll let you know as we hear it.


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